Pointing and Brickwork in Dorset

Is your building looking worn? Are your walls looking worse for wear? Our pointing and brickwork in Dorset can completely transform the look of your masonry and leave it looking as good as new. We are a company with years of experience in pointing and brickwork for both domestic and commercial clients.

Pointing and brickwork services in DorsetOur quality pointing and brickwork Dorset service

Brickwork is vital for the structural security of a building, but over time the mortar can become worn, causing the building to look shabby and decayed. In our pointing work, we remove deteriorated mortar from the wall and apply new mortar to avoid damage to your Dorset building.

It is the job of the mortar to act as a barrier between the bricks, as well as to allow the wall to ‘breathe’. Mortar is softer than brick, therefore it can drain water to avoid any moisture from penetrating the brickwork, which can cause severe problems to the building. With our extensive knowledge of bricks, mortar, and their key roles in construction, we can produce the best quality pointing and brickwork in Dorset.

Our pointing and brickwork service will not only improve the overall look of your Dorset building, but also reinforce its structural integrity. At APS Driveways, we are always ready to put our time and attention into your pointing and brickwork project, whether it’s the wall in your front garden, or your entire house!

Why choose APS Driveways?

By choosing APS Driveways, you can guarantee a superb result every time. Our tradesmen have been specially trained to work on all types of masonry, and we are able to tailor our Dorset pointing and brickwork services to suit your building and personal requirements.

If you’re impressed by our pointing and brickwork, why not take advantage of the other services we have available? We offer a number of additional construction services across Dorset, including:

We guarantee that you will not find a pointing and brickwork company who will offer the same value for money as APS Driveways. This is why we promise to meet any genuine quote you may receive elsewhere.


For examples of our quality pointing and brickwork, take a look at our portfolio. Additionally, you can see just how much of a difference our services can make by seeing the before and after shots of our previous Dorset projects.

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