New Driveways in Wiltshire

Is your driveway looking tired, pot-holed and full of weeds? It may be time to invest in one of our new driveways in Wiltshire. We specialise in concrete driveways that are guaranteed to be the envy of all your neighbours. The designs that we can create with concrete are limitless so get it touch on 01202 424844 today to find out how we can transform your driveway.

Introducing our Wiltshire new driveways

Your driveway has been left to wrack and ruin for a few years, and now it’sNew Driveways in Wiltshire time to give your property a new lease of life. As well as being aesthetically pleasing for you, investing in new driveways in Wiltshire can also make your property more appealing to buyers if you’re planning to sell.

But when it comes new driveways Hampshire, many people are put off by the cost. And when they see existing concrete driveways, which are often the cheapest option, they are reminded of how dull they can look.

But you don’t need to settle with a basic concrete driveway; because we have a technique that can transform concrete from a boring, flat colour into a beautifully realistic paved–effect surface. Yes, for a fraction of the cost of a real paved driveway, you can have a Wiltshire new driveway that looks the part and, as an added bonus, is more durable and requires less maintenance.

Armed only with a unique concrete formula, specialist materials and templated mats, we can create a driveway that looks exactly like its genuine counterpart. So, if you’re a fan of block paving, cobblestones or just fancy an off-the-wall wacky pattern that looks like it’s constructed from the famous red brick, we can create an uncanny resemblance to the real thing.

What features can you expect from our new driveways Wiltshire?

You can transform the boring grey colour of concrete into a multi-tonal, 3D colour of your choice when you choose our new driveways in Wiltshire. With numerous templates available, there’s hundreds of different designs to choose from. We’ve given you some examples below:

  • Octagon Stone
  • Herringbone slate
  • Garden stone
  • Even Pacific boardwalk

Included in the installation of our new driveways Wiltshire is the option for other additional design features including aco drains and manhole covers. Our drains and manhole covers can come in a variety of colours which means you’ll find one that compliments your new driveway perfectly.

How do we carry out our service?

When you call us to initially enquire, a helpful member of the team will go through some of the design options available to you. They’ll also give you an idea of the cost so you can decide on a design that will fit within your budget.

On a time and day convenient to you, we’ll come out and survey the area in question so we can get an idea of the amount of work that will be involved in laying one of our new Wiltshire driveways.  We’ll then give you a free no-obligation quotation to carry out the work.

If you decide to go ahead, here’s some more information about our process.

We use a specific step by step method to lay our new driveways Wiltshire. Over the years, our method for laying concrete driveways has proven to achieve amazing results time and time again. We’ve given you a break-down of process so you know what to expect.

  • Clear the site, complete necessary groundwork and use compactor to create a hard, flat surface
  • Lay the area with special formulated concrete, level out and float to smoothen out the surface
  • Cover the concrete with a surface hardener
  • Imprint the desired pattern with templated mats
  • Apply sealant and anti-slip agents

All of our driveway layers have been trained to deliver every step to a high standard. In fact, we’re so proud of the finished appearance of our new driveways in Wiltshire, we’ll even sign our work.

Why should you choose APS Driveways?

When you choose APS Driveways, you’ll be met with fantastic customer New Driveways in Wiltshireservice, hard work, dedication and skill. Every person that helps to lay our Wiltshire new driveways has been professionally trained to manipulate concrete in the method that we’ve outlined above, which means we achieve fantastic results each time.

When you invest in our Wiltshire new driveways, you can benefit from:

  • Great customer service
  • Fantastic levels of workmanship
  • Competitive prices
  • 10-year guarantee

We also make sure that we use quality materials in every project, meaning you will receive many, many maintenance-free years when you invest in one of our new driveways in Wiltshire.

“Just a quick note to say thanks for the fantastic job you and your team have done on our driveway. We were highly impressed with your knowledge and professionalism, and the project was completed within the timeframe and quote you gave us. We have no hesitations in recommending you to friends and family.”

Mr & Mrs D White, Southampton


We have a huge selection of before and after shots online for you to view. You’ll be able to see that our new driveways in Wiltshire truly do give a property a new lease of life.

What other services do we offer?

Over time, even new driveways Wiltshire can suffer from discolouration. With the British weather typically being so wet, driveways can provide an ideal surface for algae to grow. To complement our new driveways in Wiltshire, we provide a fully comprehensive maintenance service. So when you’re new driveway eventually begins to discolour, give us a call and a member of the team will come and professionally clean your driveway in no time.

If you’re looking to spruce up your garden, why not take a look our additional services. We have the skills to transform your outside space so you can make the most of it. From walls and steps to fencing and ramps, there’s nothing the team at APS Driveway can’t do.

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