How We Do It

At APS Driveways we use polypropylene fibre reinforced concrete that is up to a third stronger and harder than ‘normal’ concrete. We use MOT Type 1 hardcore, fully compacted and we lay it to a depth of at least four inches – and amazingly solid, rock hard surface. Currently we offer twenty five UV stable colours and twenty or so different patterns. That allows you a huge choice, and when mixed with a complementary range of colours to achieve a very realistic, natural looking effect. Add to this the option of a semi matt or gloss finish and you have one of the best drives, paths or patios that money can buy.


Step 1

Ground preparation takes place


Step 2

We use grab lorries to clear debris quickly

Step 3

Hardcore compacted down for a firm base

Step 4

Delivery of special formulation concrete


Step 5

Concrete is levelled out


Step 6

Concrete is floated


Step 7

Concrete coloured with surface hardener


Step 8

Trowling the coloured concrete


Step 9

Imprinting the pattern with mats


Step 10

Acrylic sealant and anti-slip agents applied


Step 11

The completed project! We are so proud of our work we sign every one!

You can rest assured that we will give you superb quality and the best possible service so get in touch today!

Why Architectural Paving System?

  • Fully proven product

  • Low maintenance

  • Weed free & oil resistant

  • Rapid Installation by fully trained craftsmen

  • Workmanship & materials fully guaranteed

  • All relevant Insurances held

Why us?

  • No amount of money spent on advertising can achieve this

  • Most of our work comes through personal recommendation

  • Over fifteen years experience of every aspect of imprinted concrete

  • We design, supply materials and labour