Q. Do you use sub contractors?

A: NO. All our tradesmen are fully employed by APS Driveways, and trained by our in house team.

Q: How is it that you carry out all of the work you do?

A: If you are interested in understanding how we carry out all of the work that we do and how it works please visit our How We Do It page by clicking here

Q: To what extent can I personalise my product?

A: We can just about tailor to any personal preference and adjust our products around you, if you wish to know more about this topic then please visit our Colours and Patterns page by clicking here, to get a more accurate description and look of just how we could tailor our product for you.

Q: I am worried about laws and regulations to do with installing something like a driveway, how can you help?

A: We guarantee all of our customers that our staff will sort out any problems regarding building regulations and notify you immediately of any and how we have dealt with them.

Q: What happens if my driveway becomes dirty again, after a refurbishment?

A: Our technicians would be more than happy to show you exactly how to clean your driveway if you wanted to put in the effort doing it yourself, if not then we could always perform another refurbishment.

Q: How can I get a real idea of what your work is like?

A: If you wish to look at some of our previous work to get an idea of what we can do for you then please visit our Before and After page by clicking here.


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