Driveways Wiltshire

Do you want a permanent parking space that is yours only? Have you thought about having a driveway installed in your Wiltshire property? At APS Driveways, we have a magnificent selection of driveways that will instantly transform your home by adding character and depth. By choosing APS Driveways, you can be assured that you will be receiving a quality driveway that demonstrates our expert driveway craftsmanship.

Our driveways in Wiltshire services

Quality Driveways in WiltshirePattern Imprinted Concrete

As a company, we have specialised in delivering pattern imprinted concrete for many years. Pattern imprinted concrete driveways are highly versatile, and we have a great range of colours and patterns to suit all tastes.  A huge benefit of choosing this particular type of driveway is that it is extremely easy to maintain and unlike driveways you have had before this driveway will be resistant to both weeds and oil. A pattern imprinted concrete driveway will really improve the overall appearance of your home and many homeowners find that a new driveway is the icing on the cake.

Block Paving Driveways

This is a driveway that is made up of paving bricks, and it is easily installed into most driveways. APS Driveways offer block paving driveways in a superb variety of colours and patterns so you can find something to match your own tastes.  At no extra cost, customers can also mix and match different colours. Due to the nature of block paving, it has a massive advantage over other driveways in that it is easily repaired. Any broken blocks or paving stones can be easily replaced without incurring huge costs.

Other Services

APS Driveways do not just provide first class driveways to our customers; we offer a range of other services.  Features like acid stain wash service for a polished look; Aco drains for draining rainwater away; Manhole covers that match your driveways instead of a horrid stand out cover.

We also provide an enormous variety of fencing options for our customers, and we are able to build fences that match your driveways in terms of colour. We can also build steps and disabled ramps from your driveway leading into your home if you require additional assistance.

Why Choose APS Driveways?

Our company have been providing wonderful driveways for over 20 years in Wiltshire and beyond. The key advantage of selecting APS Driveways is that we use of Polypropylene fibre reinforced concrete in some of our driveways. This material is far stronger than normal concrete and leads to a longer lasting product that offers tremendous value.

All staff hired by APS Driveways are highly trained in driveway construction and more. Customers can expect a high degree of skill and for our staff to be courteous and polite whilst working on your driveway. As we fully believe in the quality of our workmanship, we offer a 10 year guarantee on our driveways. Our services are always competitively priced, and we guarantee to beat any genuine quote from a rival competitor.

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If you would like a high quality driveway in Wiltshire, there is no other company to choose by APS Driveways. Our 20 years of experience in the industry will ensure that you will receive nothing but the best driveway at competitive prices. Contact us today on 08081 086 514 for more details or email us at: