Driveways Dorchester

Driveways Dorchester

Are you thinking your Dorchester driveways are looking a little worse for wear and are in need of some refurbishment? If this applies to you, then you need to call the experts at APS Driveways today on 01202 424 844. We can give you the best imprinted concrete and refurbishment services for driveways Dorchester has to offer with exceptional results at competitive prices. Our professional team is highly qualified, experienced, and will show you a dedicated level of courtesy throughout the duration of the project – so call now for your free survey and quotation service.


Superior Driveways in Dorchester

When it comes to driveways Dorchester, there is only one team you need to call in order to get the driveway you have been looking for. Whether you would like your existing one bringing back to its former glory or would like a complete resurfacing with our renowned imprinted concrete Dorchester Driveways, APS Driveways are the specialists for you.



If you feel that your driveways in Dorchester are not looking their best and you would like to vastly improve the aesthetic of the surface, then our refurbishment services are just what you need. Not only does it give your driveways in Dorchester a significant boost in appearance, but it also extends the working life of the surface. Elements of this service applied to the driveways in Dorchester include:

Driveways Dorchester

  • Removal Of Any Moss In Your Driveway
  • Removal Of Any Weeds Stuck In Your Driveway
  • Repair Any Broken Or Damaged Joints
  • Full Clean Of Your Driveway
  • Removal Of Any Algae In Your Driveway
  • And More


A home with an attractive driveway will also be much more appealing if you are looking to sell as well.


Imprinted Concrete Driveways Dorchester

Upon hearing the words “concrete driveways Dorchester” you may be thinking of the atypical plain concrete surfaces that are widely featured on people’s properties. These monotone, and often featureless, surfaces are not the type of concrete that APS Driveways in Dorchester has in mind.

Contrariwise to normal concrete surfaces, our imprinted concrete gives you a comprehensive range of options. There is wide scope to be able to customise your new driveways in Dorchester and tailor them to your specific requirements. With the combination of this fantastically versatile technique and our unparalleled skill and workmanship, we can achieve exceptional results at our very competitive prices.


Why Choose Us For Dorchester Driveways?

Here at APS Driveways, we do not just use any concrete. In order to achieve the level of results, durability, and longevity that we aspire to constantly, we use a polypropylene reinforced concrete which is up to a third stronger than conventional concrete.

In combination with our craftsmanship and dedication, this exceptional product can be combined with varying compounds to allow us to offer you 25 colours. These colours are UV-stable and don’t fade over time. On top of the colour choice, we can also provide over 20 different patterns, giving you more than 500 different combinations.

Contained within this myriad of different choices are many options which will give your surfaces a natural and even finish. Our competitive prices make it a more cost-effective solution that can imitate block paving, slabs, and many others.


Contact Us

If you would like to book a free quotation service with a design survey and consultation, or to find out more about APS Driveways and our services, call our friendly team today on 01202 424 844. Alternatively, you can contact us using a written method by either filling in our online form or by emailing us directly at – we will endeavour to reply quickly and comprehensively.