Driveway Sealant

Are you looking to replace your driveway? Perhaps it has crumbled to nothing and seen better days? If so, pick up the phone and give APS Driveways a call today. From refurbishments and installations to providing the finishing touch with quality driveway sealant, no other company can compare with what we offer. Take advantage of our outstanding service and affordable prices by calling us today on 01202 424844.

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Nothing transforms a property quite like the addition of a new driveway, but a driveway is only as good as the driveway sealant used to finish it. With any pattern imprinted concrete driveway, it is imperative that it be sealed correctly. Here at APS Driveways, we refurbish and install pattern imprinted driveways, and part of our service involves using a high-quality sealant.

Our driveway company has carried out jobs like this for many years. We understand all too well the implications of failing to seal an imprinted surface correctly. By sealing the surface, you’re ensuring a layer of protection that prevents discolouring and cracking. Any spillages such as oil can be cleaned up quickly without altering the colour of the driveway.

Driveway sealant also prevents the colour from being stripped away from your driveway, often caused by harsh weather or being repeatedly driven over. Its purpose is ultimately to prolong the life of your pattern imprinted concrete driveway. Considering the money you’ve invested, a quality sealant is a small price to pay for many years of reliable use.

A Driveway Company You Can Trust

At APS Driveways, we apply driveway sealant to all new driveways as standard. We use a high-solids acrylic sealer which is applied using either a brush or a spray nozzle. If your driveway has become badly worn and requires a driveway refurbishment, let us know, and we’ll arrange a time to discuss your requirements in person.

Our driveway specialists will assess the state of your driveway and supply you with a competitively priced quotation with no obligation to commit. Not only do we look to improve the appearance of your driveway, but its functionality too. Our aim is to restore the surface to pristine condition so that it can provide you with many more years of reliable service.

The original surface will be ripped up and replaced if necessary. Otherwise, the current surface will be given a deep clean to remove any leaves, mud, oil, etc. After which, we carry out a range of services, including:


  • Removal of Any Weeds Stuck in the Driveway
  • Removal of Any Moss
  • Removal of Any Algae
  • Any Broken or Damaged Joints Repaired


The driveway will then be left to dry out completely, as applying driveway sealant prematurely can lead to an effect known as “blooming”. A fresh coat of sealant will then be applied over the top and left to dry. In the event that the driveway was resurfaced, fresh concrete will be applied, levelled out and floated before being coloured with a surface hardener.

The concrete will then be trowelled before being imprinted with mats to create the desired pattern. Afterwards, anti-slip agents will be applied, and once the surface is dry, an acrylic sealant. At the conclusion of any project, the area will be swept down and left neat and tidy.

Driveway Sealant

Why Choose APS Driveways for Driveway Sealant?

If you’re wondering why APS Driveways are the driveway specialists for you, the answer is simple – because we promise exceptional service every single time. As one of the South’s longest trading pattern imprinted concrete specialists, you won’t find a more renowned service anywhere else. Our company trades on its reputation, and we are proud to say that the plaudits we have received are numerous.

We boast an incredible team whose skills and experience are second-to-none. They assist each of our customers with a level of professionalism that cannot be surpassed. From homeowners to business owners, we’re the go-to driveway company for clients throughout Dorset and beyond. Our driveways are available in a wide range of styles and colours to suit all preferences.

Plus, with a 10-year warranty available on all work carried out by us, you’ll enjoy yet further reassurance that we’re the right choice for you.


So, if you’re looking to have your driveway refurbished from scratch or to simply have a fresh coat of driveway sealant applied, look no further than APS Driveways. Call our team today on 01202 424844 to find out more.