Design Features

We can also customise your newly installed driveway to your preference and style with our design features that are fitted and installed by qualified technicians, along with coloured borders and matching manhole covers.

Versatile design features to complete your driveway

Aco Drains

Patterned circles in a variety of sizes

Acid Stains

Manhole Covers

At APS Driveways we can customise your new driveway to your preferred style and choice. We can offer you a wide selection of colours and patterns including 4ft and 9ft circles.
Additional Style /Features – You can add a nice unique touch to your exterior areas with embedded LED up lighting or completely safe handrails for disabled access.

Whatever It Is You Can Be Rest Assured That APS Driveways Will Make Sure You Get The Product That You Require So Ring Today!

4ft Circles and 9ft Circles

These can provide your drive with a very unique look.

Acid stain

To give your drive a nice finish, borders can be created using acid stain.

Manhole Covers & Aco Drainage

Are you fed up of your manhole covers looking like this manhole standard and spoiling the look of your driveway. We can provide manhole covers that blend perfectly into your driveway design.